Mobility Scooters in Ripley, MS

Three Wheeled Mobility Scooters

Three wheeled mobility scooters feature two rear wheels and one front wheel that can turn independently. Because of the single front wheel, they are very maneuverable and able to make tight turns. The single front wheel also provides the most possible leg room. These types of mobility scooters are often more lightweight than other options, and some can be easily disassembled.

Because of their greater maneuverability, three-wheeled scooters are appropriate for use in the types of crowded indoor areas often found when shopping. Homes with narrow hallways and other small spaces are also more easily navigated. The increased leg room makes these scooters an ideal choice for tall individuals and anyone who suffers from knee problems or leg stiffness. Their lighter weight is a benefit for anyone who wishes to transport the scooter in a vehicle. Three wheeled scooters are most appropriate for use indoors and outdoors on paved areas.

Four Wheeled Mobility Scooters

Four wheeled mobility scooters feature two front wheels and two rear wheels. These four wheels make these models very stable and safe to use. They do not turn as tightly as three wheeled scooters do, but because of their increased stability, four wheeled scooters can often achieve higher speeds.

Because they are more stable, four wheeled scooters are especially appropriate for individuals with any type of balance problems. Their design makes them almost impossible to tip over. These scooters are also a good choice for people who will frequently be using them outdoors. Most models can manage loose dirt, gravel and grass; some can even negotiate curbs and steep hills. Anyone travelling longer distances will appreciate the higher speeds on these models, since many can go up to ten miles per hour. Because they are bigger and heavier, four wheeled scooters also tend to be more comfortable for the user and more durable.

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Pride Victory 10 Scooter 4-Wheel mobility
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Pride Maxima HD Scooter
Pride Maxima HD Scooter
Pride Go-Go Ultra X Scooter
Go-Go Sport Scooter from Pride Mobility model SC73
Go-Go ES2 Scooter Pride model S81 3-Wheel Lightweight Scooter
Pride GO-GO Elite Traveller Scooter
Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller Scooter Portable 3-Wheel Scooter

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