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Power Wheelchairs in Ripley, MS

Power wheelchairs, or electric wheelchairs, are a popular mobility aid for elderly and disabled individuals. Power wheelchairs offer mobility and independence in a convenient, easy to operate package. These are usually large, heavy chairs, which increases their stability but can make them difficult to transport. However, power wheelchairs provide choices and opportunities at times when users do not have a caregiver to help transport them.

Electric wheelchairs come with a range of features. Higher-end models are extremely durable and can have full suspension and many powered features. Be sure that the chair you choose has a high-quality battery, easy-to-use controls and comfortable seating. Most chairs come with one set of powered wheels and one or two sets of unpowered wheels, called casters. The placement of the powered wheels affects how the chair operates.

Front-wheel drive chairs are not as common as some other types, but they are useful in some situations. These chairs have powered front wheels that give them a maneuverability advantage in a good turning radius. Although they have an additional front set of casters that prevents tipping, they can feel unstable when travelling downhill or stopping. To ensure safety, these chairs usually have limited speed capacity. Their maneuverability makes them ideal for indoor use.

Rear-wheel drive chairs have powered wheels at the back and casters at the front, so their operation feels similar to a manual wheelchair for the user. These wheelchairs are very stable and can attain higher speeds. They do, however, have a fairly wide turning radius that can make them unwieldy indoors. For users who wish to combine the benefits of both these types of chairs, the mid-wheel drive chairs offer a good compromise. They are almost as agile as front-wheel drive chairs, and because of their better stability, they can go almost as fast as a rear-wheel drive chair. These are a versatile choice for many users.

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Pride Jazzy HD SelectHeavy-Duty Power Wheelchair
Pride Jazzy Select EliteFront-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair
Jazzy Select 6 Power WheelchairSelect 6 offers Power Seat Lift option.
Pride Jazzy 614 HD Power Chair High Weight Capacity, Heavy-Duty Power Chair. Price includes In-home Delivery & Setup.
Jazzy 600 ES Power Chair
Jazzy 1450 Bariatric Power Wheelchair
Jazzy 1113 ATS Power WheelchairLifetime limited warranty on frame2-year limited warranty on electronics18 mos. limited warranty...
Pride Go-ChairPortable Travel Chair

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