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Manual Hospital Beds

Manual hospital beds are beds that are fully adjustable by using a hand crank. This type of hospital bed is popular for use in the home. The full bed can be raised or lowered, or each end can be adjusted separately. Each adjustment must be performed using the attached hand crank.

Because manual hospital beds use no electricity and have no motor, they are very reliable. Power outages and motor failures pose no risk to the patient who uses manual controls. Manual hospital beds offer the best value for patients who are looking for a reliable choice that offers just as much comfort as other options, with less maintenance or risk of failure. 

Semi-electric Hospital Beds

Semi-electric hospital beds, like manual beds, use a hand crank to make adjustments. Unlike the manual beds, a semi-electric bed also includes electric buttons that can be used to make adjustments. For most models, the hand crank is used to raise and lower the full bed, while the electric buttons are used to adjust the head and foot of the bed.

This type of hospital bed offers excellent value for patients who want the convenience of being able to adjust the positions of their bed, but are able to allow their caregiver to raise or lower the level of the entire bed when needed. Using electric controls to adjust the position also reduces the effort needed by caregivers who must adjust the bed frequently.

Fully Electric Hospital Beds

Fully electric hospital beds are adjusted by a motor that is controlled by push buttons. There is no way to manually control a fully electric hospital bed, so they must remain plugged in to a reliable power source at all times. The level of the bed and both ends are adjusted by using a control pad that is attached to the bed.

This type of hospital bed is ideal for patients who need to be able to adjust their bed without requiring aid from a caregiver. Electric hospital beds are often even more adjustable than other types, offering more positions for patients with specific needs. Caregivers often appreciate the increased adjustability and ease of use of these beds, as well.

Bariatric Hospital Beds

Bariatric hospital beds are fully electric beds that are designed to support more weight than the more common models. They are wider, with stronger frames that are often able to support up to 1000 pounds. These beds are still designed to be raised, lowered, or adjusted at either the top or the bottom with the simple push of a button, and are convenient for patients who need to make their own adjustments.

This type of hospital bed is designed for use with larger patients who might not be adequately supported by a regular bed. Those who have extremely limited mobility often benefit from the extra support. Caregivers will appreciate the ease with which they can adjust the bed to help the patient achieve the most comfort possible.

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